Din Lock

General Application Seal for DIN groove plastic pipes and fittings for indoor and underground wastewater applications and for cable protection.

Seal  Performance The F-582 Dinlock™ seal meets or exceeds current European standards for waste water lines both for indoor and underground. Furthermore the seal design gives low assembly forces making pipe jointing easier. Test reports are available from Trelleborg Forsheda Pipe Seals on request.

Materials The F-582 Dinlock™ seal is made from two materials. The sealing element is TPE and the plastic retaining element is polypropylene. The TPE material meets the European Standard EN 681-2, class 60. Detailed material specifi cation are available on request from Trelleborg Forsheda Pipe Seals.

Seal Design and Function Dinlock™ is a combined lip and compression seal that is positioned in the socket by the pipe manufacturer. The unique design has a fl exible thermoplastic elastomer sealing element bonded to a polypropylene retaining ring which holds the seal fi rmly in the correct position during pipe transportation and joint assembly. The seal is designed to absorb any permissible variation in the groove.

Quality Assurance SS-EN ISO 9001:2000.
Standards Dinlock™ has successfully been tested and passed the following standards:

  • EN 681-2
  • EN 1401-1
  • EN 1852-1
  • EN 1989